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Born to immigrant parents and working with personal family members who have applied for asylum, work privileges, student status, family reunification, and becoming citizens, Taneeza understands, firsthand, the anxiety clients face when talking to an attorney about their immigration issues. 


Accessible, Dependable, & Efficient

Accessibility to Immigration Law Services is about affordability and location. At the Law Office of Taneeza Islam, you are guaranteed access to an attorney who has both the knowledge and passion to guide you through complex laws and government agencies at an affordable price. Taneeza believes that every client deserves the option to present their legal issue and understand what their options may be. 

dependable attorney is the cornerstone to client satisfaction. You have direct access to an attorney who will communicate with you regarding your case.

Efficiency comes from experiences and knowledge in working on a variety of cases.
Through open, respectable, and honest communication your case will be handled with precision. 

Practice Area

The Law Office of Taneeza Islam provides family and employment based immigration and naturalization legal services throughout the region. 

Taneeza's entire law practice is based on immigration law related issues. With this focus, she has an in-depth understanding of the legal intricacies of the field. With this understanding and her ability to relate to immigrant community fears and concerns she is dedicated to providing effective legal representation for your immigration law related needs. 

Taneeza specializes in working with clients who speak English as a second language. 

If you need language assistance, please indicate this when you contact her for your free initial consultation.*


If you believe you have an immigration law related issue, or know someone who does, you no longer need to travel to the Twin Cities to find an attorney. 

Call/email today for your free initial consultation.*

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